Saturday, 30 May 2009

The easiest way from E-G

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Now I have my running rucksack my running world has expanded and I can go anywhere I want.
While I have both of my feet and no injuries I know that I can always go to Greenwich.
Transport for London cannot give its customers that assurance and lo and behold the Jubilee line was down in both directions between Stratford and Green Park.
Every weekend. EVERY weekend.
So on top of running home from work in a bid to give the fools at TFL less money, I decided today's run will be from my home in Earlsfield to the Cutty Sark in Greenwich just to prove my superiority over the pathetic service the millions of travelers get each year.
The distance is around 14 miles and I set off at 1100.
The sun was beating down and I was running at the warmest time of day. 
I managed to run about 10 miles before really starting to get dehydrated so I stopped off in a pub called the Grapes at Limehouse and got a free pint of squash.
Not the smartest move to run in this weather without water and I would like to think I have learnt a lesson.
There were no ill effects, I just know that it affected my time and pace.
In the end I completed it in around 1 hour 45 minutes. 
I can't be too accurate as the GPS does not work in tunnels and that includes the Greenwich foot tunnel.
My pace was 7.28 per mile and that was kind of my aim but I know that keeping myself rehydrated regularly will enhance my improvement a lot.
Obviously I did have to get a train ticket to get home (via the DLR) but it was another small victory and will be my method in the future for getting from E to G.

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