Friday, 22 May 2009

I love the smell of rotting fish in the morning

0615 and I positively leapt out of bed, gave the wife a peck on the cheek and went into the living room and ripped the curtains apart to reveal a morning of sun dappled splendour.
Time, for a morning run. On a weekday. On a workday.
It's never been attempted before, I hear you cry.
Well i fly in the face of convention, strapped on the old heart rate monitor and running shoes and limbered up.
I gave the wife another kiss and told her I was going for a run so she wouldn't think we were being robbed when I returned.
Then I stepped out into the bright, breezy morning and breathed in.
Mmm-mm. It's bin day in Wandsworth and I would run behind various dust-carts for the next 7.5 miles.
Bin day is a little less romantic than market day of a morning even though it is essentially the same produce.
Lesson learnt, I will change the morning run to a Wednesday I think.
In any event I ran the big hill twice past the All England Tennis Club and I feel pretty darned great.
It was a general aerobic run which is between about 70 and 80% of my maximum heart rate which was pretty gentle and I ambled round in 56 minutes.
Now I just have a full day's work and night out on the town to cope with.
Come 8pm I may be rueing the opportunity of a lie-in.
Hey-ho, only 4 miles to cover tomorrow and without the whiff of rancid carcass in the nostrils.

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