Thursday, 7 May 2009

Down and out already?

There is nothing more aggravating to a runner than an injury, especially when all you are doing is running. You know, keeping fit. Eating well and getting fit. What a kick in the knackers.

It's a bit like Bruce Lee dying because he was so buff. Apart from the fact that I'm alive. And not buff. And that pack of peanuts I have just snarfed is not going to help anyone.

I have strained my left calf muscle and I fear it's my fault. I didn't stretch properly before my run yesterday. And there it is. I won't be running home from work tomorrow night and I will struggle to get fit in time for my long run on Sunday.

Gives me time to read my book, though, and get my running plan ready to see me through the next 9 weeks until the proper countdown.

With this disappointment in mind I will leave you on a high. Here is the space age bit of kit which will turn me into Paula Radcliffe - but with slightly bigger tits. Check this out, I will fill you in a bit more when it arrives.

A bit of a hasty blog today but you can expect that on Thursdays as I go to uni after work in the evening and have no time to write let alone run. Thursday is rest day.

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