Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The power of commitment

For the first three months of 2008 I was as close to tee-total as it's possible to be without being Eric Clapton.
This year I have been downing bottles of wine like Oliver Reed.
The difference is having a goal. Last year I was working towards a half-marathon in my first year of running and now I have signed up to a full marathon my thought processes have started to change once more.
Last night I was out on the town having a meal and I shunned drink. I was sure I was going to drink something alcoholic but the voices have started to emerge and I find myself getting 'in the zone'.
At the root of these thoughts is the fear of failure, of getting to Beachy Head and making an absolute fool of myself.
So with this improved attitude I managed a half hour of cross training last night and a 4.5 mile run today after a walk from London Bridge to Vauxhall following a full day's work.
This is what I have missed. This is what I have enjoyed more than nearly everything else in the last year and a half and it's good to be back.
During the short sprint around Wimbledon Park this evening I saw a Polish guy opening his bottle of Smirnoff Ice using the back of the bin used to dispose of dogshit and I think I swallowed more flies and midges in that half an hour than a well trained lizard could have. My face was like a bit of fly-paper.
So, to tomorrow and I will reveal what I spent £130 on to improve my performance.
Stay tuned. 

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