Sunday, 10 May 2009

All talk eh?

The weekend draws to a close and I am no nearer a level of fitness to get my weekly mileage up to 40 miles.
I decided to take it easy on Saturday and only did 4 miles on the cross trainer which is fine in place of a recovery run. I find the cross trainer better for recovery runs as i cannot run at the recommended slower pace of 2 minutes per mile more than best pace.
At the back of my mind, however, i still wanted to do more exercise.
The Bible that is Advanced Marathoning recommends that I do 2 sessions of resistance training per week, i.e. weights and the like.
So I cracked on with some push ups and tricep dips and dumbbell presses, etc, etc. All good core strengthening routines. But, as with most good weights routines they always throw in the lunges and the squats.
When you do these for the first time in a long time you know you will be out of the game for a couple of days afterwards. I knew this deep down, but at the time there is no outward sign that this will happen and you always think you have gotten away with it.
No, no, no,no, no.
Sunday morning and the waddle from the bed to the bathroom lets you know that your legs are useless to you. No 12 mile run today.
The best I could muster was a 4 miles round trip to a garden centre and then the supermarket. Leisurely stroll, not too many stairs. Strangely enough, it's the going down stairs that hurt more than the going up after such workouts.
the best thing about it is that the body soon gets use to this feeling and the next time I do it, and as long as I keep doing it regularly, there will be no such side effects and I can stop doing my impression of a penguin.
So, best to get these things out of the way early in the countdown.

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