Thursday, 28 May 2009

The human fly-trap

The run home from work is so fulfilling, I enjoy it every time.
There are, however, two things which are not welcome.
The first is the amount of second hand smoke I inhale going past the tourist throngs outside Harrods and the office bods spilling out of the pubs for a chat around their cigarettes.
The second are the kamikaze flies which somehow manage to aim straight for my mouth.
I swallowed about 3 yesterday and it is not nice. Not nice at all.
I do take my hat off to them in a small begrudging way. It's quite impressive to hit such a small target while we are both going at such speeds.
And talking of speed, I am getting faster.
It didn't feel like it but I ran at an average of 7m12s per mile covering 6.02 miles in 43m 15s.
That is great progress as I was running a 7m40s average just under a month ago.
Like I say, it doesn't feel any different but it shows that the training is working.
I am doing core exercises and weights for today and tomorrow due to university commitments (OK, OK, tomorrow is the end of year party, not compulsory...)
So the next run will be on Saturday and it will be an 8 miler around the Thames path, early enough so the flies will still be asleep.

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