Tuesday, 12 May 2009

That work/life balance

With power comes responsibility, and a G&T I found out today at the end of my 10 hour work day.
My new job, while infinitely more exciting than my last (although it's the same job on paper) has turned me into someone I never wanted to be.
I am suited up every day, which is OK, nowt wrong with looking a bit dapper; I have a Blackberry, which means I am essentially on call 24 hours a day and my 7 and a half hour day is an irrelevance, I work as long as it takes.
Is it worth the extra bit of money? You bet your sweet ass it is.
Is it worth the hassle it causes my fitness regime? Hell no.
I have put on nearly 8 pounds since I started this job. True I have been back on the chocolate more than I was and I am having the odd glass of wine. But I just cannot counter this with a meaningful training program because I might have to have a debrief in Henry's in Green Park with a G&T served by an effeminate guy named Jezza.
All I wanted to do was to go home and work out the strains of my weekend lunges with a cross train.
At this rate I am going to have to go down the charity shop and buy back the fat clothes I gave away.
It's driving me up the wall.
To counter the sugar urge which is out of control I have ordered this book.
But between Henry's, work, wife and workout when will I have a chance to read the sodding thing?

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