Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Lactate threshold - nasty

Today was a mixed bag run wise.
It was a first for me as I ran after coming home from work. I had been looking forward to it all day.
Then actually strapping on my heart rate monitor I stepped out the door and twisted my knee somehow. Decided to run it off though.
 Risky but it paid off.
There was a van and its undercarriage was on fire but it refused to stop and trundled on in front of me for about quarter of a mile spewing smoke in my face.
This lactate threshold run consists of a warm up of two miles, then two miles running just below my full on top speed. Then another two mile warm down.
My wonderful watch tells me when I am going below my ideal heart rate for such a run and I was getting so pissed off with it I wanted to throw it under a car.
No matter how hard I thought I was running, the sodding watch wanted to tell me otherwise. Maybe my heart rate is just too cool for school because it wasn't even up to speed when I was pelting it up the big hill.
Must try harder.
Good run though, finished off with a jog warm down round a beautifully sunny Wimbledon Park. 
Rest day tomorrow then I will try another first - an eight mile run BEFORE work on Friday.

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