Sunday, 17 May 2009

Undulation - That's what you need

I have never been to Beachy Head and I have never committed suicide, but I am guessing those folks who are a bit down in the dumps congregate at this beauty spot because it is very high and will achieve their goal in one go.
So, with this Holmesian skill I have deduced that I will have to find some ruddy great hills to run up to get used to it.
After a year and a half of circling the 1500m of Wimbledon Park I widened my path and ran AROUND Wimbledon Park, and its golf course and its church and million pound homes and their estates.
On this circuit:
which is around 3.5 miles, there is a huge hill going up St Mary's Road and I love it.
At the top you go round the bend and past these beautiful houses and then for a 5 second window you see a beautiful vista of London.
The way it pans across the skyline from the London Eye and out past Canary Wharf, well Spielberg couldn't have directed it better.
And before that you run past the glorious All England Lawn Tennis Club. As I did so today it rained, as I passed it the rain stopped. Portents indeed.
For those statisticians among you - here are the figures:
7.45 miles ran (including that hill-twice)
57m 38s
1114 calories burnt
All this on an empty stomach as my first goal is to shed a few pounds and the best way to do this is run in the morning on an empty stomach.
This way the body automatically eats into your fat stores as you have little glycogen from any carbs.
Now I'm off to the garden centre again. Husband duties you understand.

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