Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The suit issue - resolved.

Running home from work is a great idea. The money I am saving is phenomenal really.

Put it this way, when I worked in Croydon I was paying 170 quid per month for the pleasure of getting there and back each month.

If I run home every night from the office in Mayfair and catch a bus to Waterloo and walk the rest of the way each morning, then I could only spend 20 large per month.

That's a potential saving of 1800 pounds per year.

That's the cost of a duck house I have saved.

Obviously, it's not as black and white as that as I do not run home every night. The wife does allow me a life every now and then and I succumb to Transport for London's extortionate travelcards.

So that is one problem solved, but that creates a different problem - how to get home with my suit intact and my tuppaware lunch container and my book and iPod and keys and 2 phones?

The solution (and there is always a solution, don't you find?) is the Suitwalker.

This natty piece of equipment allows you to fold your suit in such a way that will not crease it and has space aplenty for my bits and bobs.

It is quite large and looks like a jetpack on your back but it more than does the job.

It does have space for your shoes should you require it but I just wear the trainers into work, leaving the shoes at work in a locked cupboard (you never know what people will steal these days).

It straps up around the waist and chest and there is very little movement as you run and it does not rub anywhere.

Only one downside and that it the lack of security, I came home once and the zips had been opened - nothing stolen - probably while I was waiting at a crossing. But a wee padlock will keep the buggers out.

It's only 70 pounds and with the money it enables you to save, I think you'll agree - it's a sound investment.

The run however wasn't so successful as I forgot to take water with me yet again and I got a double stitch - shoulder AND waist at the same time. Crippling.

I was glad to get home.

But at leas the suit's safe.

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