Saturday, 18 July 2009

A picture of perfect health

It's Saturday, the weekend, a chance to lie in and laze around.
So I got up at 6.30am and went for a 4 mile 'sprint'.
For the first time in around 3 weeks I am injury-free and I decided to trake advantage.
I hadn't done any speedwork for a long time so I got out the front door, aligned my watch with the planets and ran my little tush off.
There was a guy twatting golf balls across the park, but no=one to twat them back so he would hit 5 balls then walk about 200 yards and hit them the other way. What ever floats your boat.
Other than a couple of joggers it was empty.
It was bright, there was a small breeze and all round very good running conditions.
It felt great to hurtle around the park without having shooting pains going from neck to toe. You can never really get use to that feeling.
I was listening to one of the Late Night Tales compilations (some fella from the Arctic Monkeys) and the whippersnapper introduced me to some quality tunes. Check out the tracklisting here.
The upshot of this early morning activity was 4 miles closked up in just 27 minutes 20 seconds. That's 6.50 per mile.
Now, if I could just do that for 26.2 miles...

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