Sunday, 5 July 2009

Injury! Injury! They've all got an injury!

What is it? 

What have I done?
I am desperate to run, far, fast and well.
Then an injury strikes me down.
This is the recurring trapped nerve at the top of my left leg and it crippled me 3 nights ago.
I have managed just 24 miles this week, 11 of them today as I ran, gently, from Earlsfield to Richmond and back again.
Strangely enough when I am running the pain is at its most bearable but I know it's not doing me any good, but I just cannot listen to my body and in exercise this is the number one rule.
As I sit at home, not running anywhere the fear grips me and I wonder just how bad i am going to do in just 4 months time.
But rest I must and I am glad i have burned off around 1600 calories today so i can watch Federer march to his 15th slam with some comfort of mind.

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