Thursday, 16 July 2009

Two birds in the bush is worth one in the hand

From the swallowed bugs to the mental nut-jobs to the possible dirty mac brigade, I see a lot when I run around Wimbledon Park. 
I keep myself plugged into the iPod most of the time as old people always want to ask you a question, no matter how shattered, pissed off or in pain you are and the kids love to impress their mates by shouting something or other. Without taking my cans of I am 99% sure it involves Forrest Gump.
Today though I was slightly knocked to one side of the newly relaid concrete pavement when two honeys were having a little squat in the bushes, side by side. Toilets not an option apparently.
Now, I have been to enough festivals in my time to have seen this kind of feminism taking to the fields but these two lasses got it all wrong (or right, depending on what they were trying to achieve)
It was only 5:30pm in broad daylight and they were about 10 feet off the aforementioned path behind bushes, but they were facing the bushes.
This left the sweet tushes sticking out for all to see. From a distance I thought a hairless Chinese freaky breed of dog was having a rootle but no. It was a fine pair of butts.
Ladies, men face the barrier, you face away. Thems the rules.
But thanks for the show.
Anyway, it is still difficult times (I was going to say hard but you would probably get the wrong idea) for my running.
The trapped nerve at the top of my left butt cheek persists and yesterdays run was no speedy job, clocking in at 1hr 17 mins for 10 miles.
Todays was much better but there is still the risk i=of reigniting the bastard pain if i have to stop sharply or turn a corner too quickly and I did 8 miles in 59 mins 38 secs.
Rest day tomorrow, which is a good job as my mate is turning 40.
I don't have 40 year old friends do I?
Then 4 miles on Saturday with a 15 miler on Sunday which will add up to 42 miles for the week (I did 5 on Monday)
The most exciting thing about today is that I have exactly 100 days to go until the Big Day.
Who knows what I'll see between now and then? 

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